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December 20, 2021 

Thank you Mr. Andy for using SMB , it was a pleasure to get it done for you !!!

August 23, 2021 

Thank you La Olden for the continued business !! It was a pleasure getting another facility done for you guys !!! We appreciate y’all !! 60 x 165

May 10, 2021 

Thank you Mr. Tom and family for your business !!! It was a pleasure working with y’all !!!

December 22, 2020 

Thank you mr and mrs Buxton!!! It was a pleasure working with you both !!!

July 16, 2020 

2 more buildings completed this week , thanks to Mr. Stevens and Mr.Guidry for calling smb pleasure working wt you both !!!

June 5, 2020 

Thank you to the Andersons for using SMB, we enjoyed working for y’all !!!

January 16, 2020 

Another commercial job completed from start to finish !! Thank you Shawn and Christina for using SMB for your new store. Go out and see them opening the doors tommriw , best of luck to you guys , it was a pleasure working wt y’all